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OC4J (Oracle Containers for Java/ J2EE) provides an execution environment for J2EE applications.

OC4J is provided with products like iAS and JDeveloper.


OC4J is actually the Orion application server from Ironflare, that Oracle licensed and rebranded.

Application Deployment[edit]

J2EE-standard EAR and WAR files can be deployed within an OC4J instance. If you point OC4J to the location of an EAR file, it will automatically deploy the application to the application server. The deployment process is developer-friendly and will automatically deploy the EJB-JARs and WARs included in the EAR file. The EJB deployment process automatically generates the required stubs (for CMP beans, it generates the finder methods).

Database connectivity[edit]

Oracle's Type 4 JDBC driver is included. OC4J is also certified with Merant JDBC Drivers for connecting to non-Oracle databases (SQL Server, DB2, etc). DataSources can be configured using data-sources.xml.

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