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ORAPWD is a utility used to create a password file for an Oracle Database.

Run orapwd utility before:

  • Grant SYSDBA/SYSOPER to users

In Oracle 11g, you can also grant SYSASM for ASM instances.

In Oracle 12c, you can also grant SYSDG, SYSBACKUP and SYSKM privileges.

Check V$PWFILE_USERS to see who was granted SYSDBA/SYSOPER access.


Create a new password file:

orapwd file=orapwSID password=oracle entries=5

If the password file already exists:

orapwd file=orapwSID password=oracle entries=5 FORCE=Y

The FORCE parameter is available starting from Oracle 10g. In Oracle 11g passwords become case sensitive, you can use the parameter IGNORECASE to change this behaviour; this parameter is no more available in Oracle 12c.


McPwfile is a program to check the content of your Oracle password files.